Permanent Home Centre & Exhibition!

15 July 2019 – In its new, permanent Honeystreet home – in the heart of the historical Pewsey Vale – the Crop Circle Centre & Exhibition has established itself as the place to go for all the latest information on (new) crop circles and feedback from the farming community.

Now, bigger and better than ever, spanning two floors of a former warehouse in Honeystreet – next to the India Shop – is a treasure chest of up-to-date exhibits: with impressive photos and footage; a tranquil reading area; a hands on multi media centre (with cinema) and a kids corner too. There is something for everyone.

Bring the whole family and learn more about the mystery and research of the phenomenon. Just what is a crop circle? Are they the work of fairies, the symbol of sky born sound trumpets, UFO landing sites, the results of strange goings on with cyclonic whirlwinds, magnetic fields or a mysterious forces at work? 

Here, at the centre and exhibition, you can learn about the effects (sometimes healing) on people, animals and electronic equipment. You can wonder at the curious geometrical designs, or the ghostly imprints in the fields, hear the unexplained sound phenomena, see footage of unexplained lights and read the eyewitness accounts . 

Find out how to identify authentic crop circles and take away practical information on where to locate new circles and how to keep the local farmers on side .

We also have an on-site restaurant with terrace next to the canal, The Honeystreet Mill Café, with delicious refreshments, homemade food and cakes, sandwiches and salads.

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