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Statement Farmer: ‘The circle makers seem to have put this circle on YouTube and Facebook before we even knew about it! So, as it is not possible to stop access please donate to Stonehenge Alliance who strive to protect the World Heritage Site from damage. We would also ask that people only enter the field using the tram-lines to avoid crop damage and respect the tranquility of the area and the wildlife that calls this area home. Thank you.’ The Farmer

Reported 14th July 2024 Near Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK

Map Ref.SU1129641242 Please follow instructions as indicated in gallery below

Crop: Wheat Size: approx. 45 metres

Photos: Stonehenge Dronescapes


Reported 30th June 2024

Near Clapham, Oakley, Bedfordshire, UK

Size: approx. 10 metres

Crop: Wheat

Photo: Kevin Constant Copyright 2024


Reported 30th June 2024

Near Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK

Size: approx. 90 metres

Crop: Barley

Photo: Billy Breen


Reported 12th June 2024

Wilton Windmill, Wiltshire, UK

Size: approx. 70 metres

Crop: Barley

Photos: Stonehenge Dronescapes