Crop Circle Exhibition re-opened for the Hague’s Museum Night

Especially for the Hague’s Museum Night last month, the crop circle exhibition opened her doors for just one night. Researchers were present to answer questions by the many visitors.

Besides many impressive pictures, the multi-media exhibition brought a treasure of information. People were able to learn about the many unknown facts, the beauty of this worldwide phenomenon and the impact it has on the farming community.

The widely accepted theory is that all crop circles are made by people with planks and ropes. Many years of research, reliable eyewitness accounts and informationSchermafbeelding 2016-09-05 om 21.54.22 provided by farmers, prove that some circles are the result of a so far unknown force. The goal of the exhibition is to re-inform the public and to present a much bigger picture. The exhibition will feature both the man-made crop circles as those that are shrouded by mystery.

The exhibition does not pretend to have found the final answer, but will show most of the key facts on the crop circle subject. Facts that might throw some light on the possible forces involved in this phenomenon. Facts that can be presented thanks to the work that has been conducted by many national and internationa
l researchers. Facts that make you wonder.



Crop Circles, The Unknown Facts


New location to be announced