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Welcome to Wiltshire, remember that all land has an owner

This website and Mobile App informs you rapidly which crop circles are accessible for visitors and which ones not. Please visit us at the Crop Circle Access Centre in the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes to enjoy our summer exhibition and to find out about our initiatives.

Together with the Wiltshire Farmers Crop Circle Fund we build bridges between farmers and crop circle fans. Please find out how you can support our efforts.

Ark Lane (3), Near Stroud Green, Essex, UK (Essex nr. 8)

Reported 3th September 2014
Access not arranged

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Ark Lane (2), Near Stroud Green, Essex, UK (Essex nr. 7)

Reported 31st August 2014
Access not arranged

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Ark Lane, Near Stroud Green, Essex, UK (Essex nr. 6)

Reported 29th August 2014
Access possible

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CrowdFunding Campaign

CrowdFunding Campaign - Cropcircle Coordination and Information Centre Wiltshire
With your help we have raised $4090.00 via the CrowdFunding campaign which has now come to an end. You have all been very generous and Thank You all very much.

Why are we doing this?
Beautiful and intriguing designs appear in the crop fields in Wiltshire each year in greater numbers than anywhere in the world.

Summer 2013 is a make or break year for crop circles in the fields of Wiltshire, England, the epicentre of the phenomenon. Crop circles are appreciated by people all over the world. However they arouse frustration and anger amongst farmers as their crops are also damaged by those who visit them.

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New venue Crop Circle Access Centre 2014:
Wiltshire Museum
41 Long Street, Devizes
Wiltshire, SN10 1NS, UK
Open: mid June – end of August 2014

Opening times
The Centre is closed for the season and will re-open in June 2014.

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Email alerts

Receive immediate email notifications of new crop circle formations.

Crop Circle Access Pass

Acces pass 2013 - Cropcircle Coordination and Information Centre Wiltshire
All visitors are encouraged to purchase Crop Circle Access passes before entering formations. Funds from the sale of these passes are exclusively used to compensate farmers for the losses associated with crop formations. Your contributions will be properly managed by an independent board.

We wish to make it clear that the ‘Crop Circle Access Pass’ (CAP) scheme is presented as a ‘suggestion’ to crop circle visitors, tour groups and other interested parties. We have no intention, capacity or desire to enforce the collection of any access payments. We do however hope that crop circle visitors will see the benefits of this initiative and participate in order to help further develop good working relationships with the farming community.

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Crop Circle Mobile App

Mobile App - Cropcircle Coordination and Information Centre Wiltshire

A Mobile App has been developed to inform and update you about the latest formations. If permission is allowed by the landowner, it will give you directions regarding it’s location and guide you how to access the formation and where to park your car.

The Android App is now available in the Google Play store. The iPhone app is available in the iTunes store. Both can be found under the search term ‘Crop Circle Access‘.

Both apps are free.

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Report a new formation

Please give as much information as possible regarding the location of the formation such as street name and villages in the vicinity. We appreciate your help.

Fill out my online form.