A new and charming venue has been found for the Crop Circle Exhibition & Centre 2017 in the heart of cropcirclecounty: The Barge Inn at Honeystreet near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.

The exhibition features the key facts of crop circle phenomenon and mixes it with stunning photography and footage. Attached to the exhibition is the Crop Circle Centre, where visitors can hear the latest crop circle news and enjoy a range of home-made and organic refreshments on the garden terrace. A selection of books, cards and inspirational crop circle gifts will be for sale.

As the Barge Inn and its surrounding area have a long and colorful crop circle history, a special topic on its history will be included in the coming exhibition.

The new Italian landlords of The Barge Inn, Pietro and Barbara Cuomo, recently decided to dedicate a part of their home in the converted Barn to host the Exhibition & Centre. On the garden-terraces, visitors can enjoy a wide range of delightful refreshments with an Italian touch. Besides traditional English dishes, home made Italian food will be on the menu, along with Italian wines from the new wine-bar, lovely Italian coffees, organic ice-cream and healthy fruit smoothies.

The Barge Inn has a world-wide reputation for being the annual meeting place for crop circle tourists, fans, enthusiasts with all kinds of views and opinions about what crop circles are, how they form and who or what makes them. The team of the Barge Inn and the team of Crop Circle Exhibition & Centre, hope to welcome old and new ‘croppies’ to this special and historical place, to see the exposition, to hear the latest crop circle news, get inspired, relax, eat, drink, discuss and meet.

Looking forward to meet you in the summer.

About the Exhibition:

The multi-media display features a large selection of high quality photos of some of the most intricate and perplexing crop circles. It informs via text, footage, videos and interactive map-displays about the history, facts, research, theories and ideas and farmers’ views regarding the crop circle phenomenon.

The focus of the exhibition lies in the unexplained part of the crop circle phenomenon. The man-made element of crop circles is also covered. The new exhibition evolves from the previous ones in the Wiltshire Museum and St. Peter’s Church, Marlborough in England.

Where and When

The Barge Inn at Honeystreet, near Alton Barnes

Pewsey SN9 5PS, United Kingdom

Tel +44 (0)1672 851705

Open: 15th July – 13th August 2017, daily from 11am – 5pm