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The Crop Circle Information Centre & Exhibition is located in the historical heart of the crop circle phenomenon, Honeystreet Village in Wiltshire.

Here you can learn about Crop Circles, meet up with crop circle enthousiasts and experts and  find out about the latest crop circles 

The multi-exhibition features the key facts of crop circle phenomenon and mixes it with stunning photography. 

Attached to the exhibition is the Crop Circle Information Centre, where visitors can hear the latest crop circle reports and news. A selection of books, cards and inspirational crop circle gifts is for sale. 

At the adjoining Honeystreet Mill Cafe with garden-terraces along the canal, visitors can enjoy a wide range of delightful refreshments, fresh salads, soups and some unique dishes.

Open: daily 11am – 5pm

The historical multi-media exhibition features a large selection of high quality photos of some of the most intricate and perplexing crop circles. It informs via text, footage, videos and interactive map-displays about the history, facts, research, theories and ideas and farmers’ views regarding the crop circle phenomenon.

The focus of the exhibition lies in the unexplained part of the crop circle phenomenon. The man-made element of crop circles is also covered.

Its goal is to inform a wider public about the crop circle phenomenon and to emphasize that, alongside the man-made circles, there is an authentic and mysterious phenomenon at work.

The exhibition is compiled and curated by crop circle researcher and founder of the project Monique Klinkenbergh, together with long term researcher Andreas Mueller.

Various contributions and support from many other national and international scientists, researchers and photographers have been gratefully received.

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