Visiting a Crop Circle

Before entering a crop circle please check if the farmer has granted access. If there is no clarity regarding access (yet), please do not assume that permission is given. There could be many reasons for farmers to deny access. When there is a sign asking not to enter the field,please respect it.When access is granted by the farmer, please make a donation.

We work close with local farmers and land-owners. Their wishes regarding access are communicated through our website, facebookpage and at the Exhibition and Information Centre at Honeystreet.

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Farmers & Crop Circles

People from all over the world come to Wiltshire each summer to see and experience crop circles first hand. Most visitors are not aware of the impact upon farmers privacy, livelihoods and financial losses. Crop circles and visitors are a big concern for the farming community.

Many farmers are justifiably very angry at the destruction of their crop, the loss of income and the lack of respect for their land that they feel is often displayed by visitors. Visitors are often upset by angry responses from farmers as they do not fully understand the reasons for this.Visitors may not be aware of the extent of this negative experience of farmers. There is a very real risk that all or many formations will be immediately cut out.

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